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katrin straub, unconfined, expo at rue blaes

katrin straub, maryline flandre, expo at peinture fraice, halcyon days

more info: katrinstraub@manneken.be

Expos 2020:
7/12 - 21/12 UNCONFINED, Rue Blaes 150, 1000 Brussels

Narrative (in French): PDF
Catalog: PDF

Katrin Straub is an artist and graphic designer with an MFA in media science whose work has been awarded and exhibited worldwide. Centered on letter-forms and symbols, her work makes use of relief and collage-like techniques to evoke a tactile response not usually associated with text and typography.

“Often I start out with a letter, word, phrase or text fragment and create my story around it…

I am fascinated by the visual forms in text, particularly where the meaning is enigmatic or ambiguous. My work challenges the common perception of written language, focusing on the contours and shapes of characters, symbols, and text fragments rather than their overt content—inviting or even compelling the viewer to make her own interpretation.”

Her work in painting, print and multimedia has been awarded and exhibited worldwide.

Some Galeries/Venues:
Goethe Institut, Hong Kong • Stephen Gang Gallery, Manhattan Graphic Center, Rockefeller Center Video Wall, New York Public Library, New York Animation Festival, Williamsburg Art Center, St. Mark’s Visual Arts Program, New York • Los Gatos Civic Center, Los Gatos • DP Fong Gallery, San Jose • Chuncheon, Korea • Station 3, Vienna • Galeri Pazartesi’de, Istambul • European Parliament, Brussels • Berlaymont, Brussels • Caviart, Ittre • European Commission, Luxembourg • Kleines Schloß, Türkheim • Kunsthaus, Kaufbeuren • Anatomisch Theater, Leuven • Chapitre XII, Brussels • Scohy Gallery, Antwerp • Covent Garden Place Rogier, Brussels • Het Pand, Ghent.

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